Mathletics Hall of Fame 2017-2018

We are in awe of how hard our children have been working on Mathletics so we thought we should celebrate their awesomeness right here, for all to see.  Check out our winners for this academic year, below.  Will you be next on the list?

 *Please note that all scores throughout the week and the previous weekend are totalled for each class ready for our Friday Celebration Worship.

Class of the Week

*Please note that holidays are totalled for the entire period.


11th May - 5P

4th May - 5W

27th April - 5W

29th March - 6C

23rd March - 3A

9th March - 6C

23rd February - 3A

9th/16th February - 5B

2nd February - 4R

26th January - 4R

19th January - 4R

12th January - 4F

5th January - 6H

21st December - 4R

15th December - 4R

8th December - 4R

1st December - 6C

17th November - 6C

10th November - 3M

3rd November - 3B

20th October - 4R

13th October - 4F

6th October - 6C

29th September - 5B

Mathlete of the Week

*Please note that holidays are totalled for the entire period.


11th May - Jess Healy

4th May - Rebecca Oliver

27th April - Katie Brown

29th March - Finley Frampton

23rd March - Will Chandler

9th March - 

23rd February - Emma McDonald

9th/16th February - Ethan Douglas

2nd February - Rebecca Oliver, Jess Healy

26th January - Amy Good

19th January -  Amy Good

12th January - Sophie Oliver

5th January - Cameron Dyer

21st December - Cameron Dyer

15th December - Jess Healy

8th December - Jess Healy

1st December - Jack Good

17th November - Sophie Oliver

10th November - Rebecca Oliver

3rd November - Issy Porter

20th October - Rebecca Oliver

13th October - Sophie Oliver

6th October - Jack Good

29th September - Stanley Maynard