SATs are the statutory tests taken by primary school children to test their knowledge of the National Curriculum, as well as monitor the school's progress as a whole.  Here you will find some materials to help support your child at home to prepare: some older questions with videos and, below that, past SAts papers.

You may also find this guide made by St. John of Beverley R.C. Primary School very useful.  


SATs Booster Questions 

The following resources are collections of SATs-style questions drawn from older papers.  Each question comes with a video explaining how to solve it.  This provides a useful guide to parents and students.  Be aware that some of the vocabulary used in the videos does not match what the children are taught (e.g. 'borrowing' and 'carrying' are terms we do not use, instead we use the term 'regrouping').

Click on the following links:

001 - BODMAS BIDMAS.pdfDownload
002 - Column Methods Add + Subtract.pdfDownload
003 - Decimals.pdfDownload
004 - Division.pdfDownload
005 - Factors,Primes + Squares.pdfDownload
006 - Fraction Adding.pdfDownload
007- Frac Dec Perc Equivalence.pdfDownload
008 - Fraction of a Quantity.pdfDownload
009 - Fractions of Shapes.pdfDownload
010 - Multiply Divide by 10, 100, 1000.pdfDownload
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025 -Sequences.pdfDownload
026 - Sorting Diagrams.pdfDownload
027 - Use each number once.pdfDownload
028 -Working Backwards.pdfDownload
029 - Angles + Lines.pdfDownload
030 - Area.pdfDownload
031 - Coordinates.pdfDownload
032 - Measurment Conversion of units.pdfDownload
033 - Missing Lengths from Diagrams.pdfDownload
034 - Nets + 3D Shapes.pdfDownload
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Recent SATs papers

Click on the following links for test papers from the last two years and beyond.