Year 3


Welcome to our Year 3 page! 


In our year 3 zone, you will find examples of work we have been doing, important information about our year group and suggested activities to help learning continue at home. 

Click here to see the Year 3 curriculum and all the exciting topics we will be learning about.



We're really looking forward to our upcoming trip to Minstead study centre after half term. 

3B - Tuesday 31st October, 3A - Thursday 2nd November, 3M - Friday 3rd November

The children will need:

· An eco-friendly lunch (see parentmail for more details) - also a reminder of No nuts, glass or fizzy drinks.

· Long trousers (no jeans) and long sleeved top suitable for outdoor messy activities.

· Jumper/fleece for warmth

· Waterproof coat (and trousers if possible) in case of very wet weather.

· Named wellies in a named plastic bag





Mrs Andrews led a fantastic whole school collective worship recently where all the teachers shared their favourite books.  Miss Morrison loves the humour in David Walliams books; Mrs Andrews really enjoys 'portal' stories that transport you to another world - like Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland; and Mrs Blencowe loves books that make you feel something about the character and get emotionally involved, such as 'There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom!'  We'd love to hear about your favourite books or authors.

There are so many ways to enjoy reading and get the children motivated - lots of merits are up for grabs if the children read on five out of seven days of the week - just sign their reading diary! 


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If you haven't discovered Bug Club yet, then make sure you have a look this week.  All the children have their login details now and are eager to earn credits and create amazing treehouses to share with their friends!

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This week's spellings are words that sound the same but are spelt differently.  These are called homophones.  Please learn these words and investigate others with the same pattern ready for a test on Friday 20th October:

Main list:

weight/wait, through/threw, made/maid, brake/break, male/mail, sale/sail, prey/pray, grate/great, there/their/they’re, heard/herd


Can you make sentences with the words you are practising? Can you write a story that uses them all? 

Try some of the top tips on the following poster to help you learn the tricky ones!

learning spellings poster.docxDownload
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These are the National Curriculum spellings for year 3 and 4 - we will be working on these throughout the year alongside other spelling patterns.

NC Word List for Y3 and 4.docxDownload
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Remember Hangman?  The children love playing it and it's a great way to learn and recognise spelling patterns.  This online game allows you to insert your own spelling list, but be warned - you may wish to mute your sound to avoid uncontrollable bopping to the music!




Keep working on those times tables everyone - they are a critical part of our Maths curriculum!  Visit our Bartley Maths Zone to find games and activities that can help you.

Have you discovered Mathletics yet?  All the children have their login details now and can play games, complete activities and even compete against each other in timed Maths challenges - great for improving speed and confidence!

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