Year 3


Say it with flowers in science!

As part of learning about plants, we selected some flowers from our environmental area to dissect and learn about their parts and how they are pollinated and disperse their seeds. Can you tell the difference between a stigma and stamen?!

Story Time! 

Many thanks to our parents and carers who came to listen to us to read our legends based on St.George and the Dragon. We had felt very nervous but also excited and proud to show our work and practise reading out loud. We hope our stories will pass on for years and years just like the legend of St. George!   


Talking of dragons, after learning how to paint dragons by the amazing artist Alan Langford, we are looking forward to showing off our artwork in the year 3 corridor. 

Year 3 Stonehenge Trip

Year 3 explored what life was like in Neolithic (new Stone Age) times: exploring their thatched huts, building fence, making rope and even trying on their clothes! We explored how the sun shines through certain stones at the summer and winter solstice, how stones could have been best transported, how to excavate artefacts and of course visited Stonehenge's stone circle to consider why it was built.

Year 3 Homework Video

The story of George and The Dragon with the signs we have been learning in English.  Please learn for this week's homework.

Year 3 Voice Concert - December 2016


For those that missed it or for those that just want to relive the joy of it all. The Year 3 Voice Concert in full (including a weird bit at the beginning, sorry about that!!!) 


Please enjoy.