Year 3 Work


On this page, we will be sharing and celebrating all the hard work that the children are putting into their learning.  Please share this with your child and talk about what they like about each other's work and what they themselves enjoyed working on in school that week.




This week in English, year 3 have been practising their legend writing ready to write their own stories. We have based our ideas on the ‘George And The Dragon’ legend. Here is some of the amazing writing from 3B so far.


Once upon a time, a long time before now, there was a kingdom, a beautiful kingdom. It had a looming cliff at one side and a peaceful range of mountains, trees and valleys. It was simply lovely.

The kingdom itself was as stunning as the valley. It had wide passages and thin alleyways, country style thatched houses and shops. The moat around the kingdom had a shimmering magic to it. It was like eucalyptus bark for it was so smooth and as silky as a winding blue ribbon.

The cobbled walls of the palace had colourful windows, like puddles on the road. It’s turrets we’re like statues standing tall and the flag was a sign of domination and reign. Inside the castle was as beautiful as the outside.

All of the city’s things were beautiful, especially the mountains which had white stripes of snow like a Siberian tiger. The points of the peaks were as sharp as razors.

(by Finn)


As the knight galloped towards the river and emerged from behind the rocks, the dragon appeared in front of him. Without hesitating, the confident knight bravely charged his spear into the fire breathing beast. It’s gorging, red-devil eyes started to fade and the burning fire from his blood red mouth was extinguished.

(by Sophie)


With angry ferociousness, the scaly dragon thundered forwards showing a gashed eye that he had lost in an earlier battle. The dragon lurched forward covering the knight in shadow and fear. Seeing his chance, the knight grabbed onto the dfagon’s tail and swung himself upwards. He crawled forward and stabbed his knightly sword in the back of the dragons head.

(by Finn)


Relief flooded the kingdom, joyfulnes was everywhere. The king was over the moon! It was a remarkable, glorious and amazing day. The king held queen Sabra as close as he could to his heart and Sabra kissed the king over and over again. The people of the kingdom crowded the whole of the space around the palace and further over the hills, mountains and fields. The king said as loudly as he could “The knight should be called Saint George and have the most glorious golden cross in the whole world.”

It was so long ago now that the golden cross was awarded but we still remember Saint George proudly.

(by Emily)



In Maths, we have been learning how to use formal written methods for addition and subtraction.  The children have learnt to use the column method and have progressed to adding two three-digit numbers.  The images below are from 3A and 3B's working wall and teaching this half term.  We use drawings of the Dienes (or base 10) apparatus to support our calculations - you can see these in the photos.  Ask your child to show you how!

Design and Technology

Last week, Year 3 worked hard to learn sewing skills to create these lovely Christmas cards!  Can you recognise the sewing stitch used?