Year 3 Work


On this page, we will be sharing and celebrating all the hard work that the children are putting into their learning.  Please share this with your child and talk about what they like about each other's work and what they themselves enjoyed working on in school that week.



We have been looking at how authors use words to bring writing to life and make it exciting - particularly in The Magic Box poem by Kit Wright.  Last week we wrote sentences that used powerful verbs (such as rambled instead of talked), adjectives to describe things in detail, and similes to make our sentences effective for the reader.  Below, you can read some of the sensational similes written by 3B.  Mrs Blencowe was so excited by the writing, that she didn't want to stop the lesson and the children didn't want to stop writing either!


"The rocks are as sharp as a cactus in the desert."

by Harley, 3B.


"The fish gliding remind me of an eagle swiftly turning between mountains."

"The sea was calm like a cloudless day in summer."

by Finn, 3B.


"The waves crash against the rocks like a charging bull."

by Olivia, 3B.


"The trees were like flags fluttering in the wind."

by George, 3B.


"The birds soared through the sky like kites."

by Bobby, 3B.


"The lighthouse stood proudly on the beach like a candle lit up brightly."

by Finley W, 3B.