Year 4


Year 4 Christmas Cards


In Year 4 over the last few weeks, we have been designing and making Christmas Cards. These are some examples.

Year 4 Keyboard Concerts


For those that missed them or for those who just want to relive the charm, magic and talent of the year 4 keyboard players. We present to you, the Year 4 Keyboard Concerts.




Radio Adverts


In English, we have been writing radio adverts to encourage people to visit a new park that we have designed. Our parks were created to fill an empty space near to Bartley School.

Water, water everywhere! Southampton Harbour and Bartley Water.

To link in with our topic of Rivers we had a boat trip around Southampton Harbour to understand how and why the land is used in a port and similarly we walked around Bartley Water in Eling checking out river features first hand!