Be a Geographer: 'Land of the Free'


Our world is an endlessly fascinating place; still with so much to discover, know and understand.  This is the role of a geographer.

This year, we will be aiming to further develop our understanding of our (the UK's) relationship to the rest of the world before comparing and contrasting features more familiar to us with those in other locations which aren't.  Here, a growing list of resources and home learning suggestions will be recorded along with examples from our explorations at school.  

As ever, please share any suggestions you might have which may be useful for others and we would love to hear about anything else you have discovered.

Launch Day 2nd October 

Well...what an awesome day!  Year 5 looked absolutely brilliant, launching our new topic: 'Land of the Free'. 

We had the honour of hosting many famous statesmen, sporting personalities, actors and actresses, gangsters, cowboys and many more.  Who can you recognise from the slide show below? Audrey Hepburn making a dreamcatcher?  Marilyn Monroe eating Lucky Charms?  Abe Lincoln doing Pop Art?

Some famous national sports were also experienced in the form of Flag Football, a version of American Football, with Mr 'The Fridge' Baker and Baseball with Mr 'Joe Dimaggio' Walter.  In the (dance) hall, some serious street dance moves were led by Miss 'Beyonce' Philo.  Thank you to all the children for making it such a fun day.

Comparing Places

Following our successful launch day, we have been finding out more about America. 

The children were given envelopes full of images, data and facts to sort.  The only thing is, we didn't explain how we wanted them sorted!  Nevertheless, sort them they did with some fantastic results and some great reasoning.


Eventually, we realised that they could be sorted in two groups - Florida and Hampshire (many of the children recognised key landmarks from both).  


After presenting their findings in a Venn diagram to explore similarities and differences between the two locations, our keen-minded geographers summed up their findings in a report.  Below are a few examples:

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 Siobhan .pdfDownload
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Useful Links

Click on the link below for the national anthem of the USA, which you may recognise from major sporting events:

Amazingly, it was only formally adopted 86 years ago on March 4th 1931!  Here is a little bit more about its history:


The USA is the home of several sports.  One of the most famous is American Football.  A brief introduction can be found here:


A more child friendly version of the game, called Flag Football, is also played in schools across the USA.  Here is a short introduction:


Facts about the USA:

 Facts about Florida:


Things to do in Hampshire:


The Everglades


 Native Americans:

More coming soon...