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Be a Scientist


On this page you will find information about our science topics this year.  This half term's theme is 'Earth and Space'.

In each theme, you will also find suggestions for home learning opportunities and we would love to see any outcomes from any exploration completed outside of school! Or, maybe, you might have some interesting facts to share or activities/links to suggest.  

Year 5 Made The Solar System


We don't mean to brag or anything but...yeah...we made the solar system!

The talented scientists in Year 5 were thinking about how to understand the scale of our solar system when we collectively thought, 'Let's just make it.' 

"How?" you cry.

"With a bit of maths, a bit of space (pun intended), some toilet paper, several items of fruit (including one seed) and some willing volunteers," we respond.

First we decided on a scale, working out what each sheet of toilet paper would represent.  Then we measured out each planets' distance from the Sun.  Using the various pieces of fruit (and one seed) to represent the size of each planet, we placed these along our toilet paper.  These were:

Peppercorn - Mercury
Cherry Tomato - Venus
Raspberry - Earth
Blueberry - Mars
Watermelon - Jupiter
Grapefruit - Saturn
Apple - Uranus
Lime - Neptune

Here are some photos of us making our solar system:

Home Learning Opportunity: Make an orrery!  You can make your own hanging solar system for your room; download instructions here and a template here.

'Earth and Space' - A Visit to Winchester Science Centre


On Monday 10th September, Year 5 visited Winchester Science Museum.  We hope to post a report about it soon but, in the meantime, below are some photos from the day:

'Earth and Space'

 The following links are great places to find out more about earth and space (click on each image):

Image result for kids astronomy 



Can you suggest any more?


Home learning suggestion: Find out what you can about the planets and solar system. Report your findings at school.

The following websites are good places to start looking:

Find out about planetary movements here:


Coming soon...


This year we are building on our knowledge of changes of state.  Check out the BBC Bitesize links on the differences between solids liquids and gasses; what freezing and melting are; evaporation and condensation and the water cycle :


'Reversible and Irreversible Changes'