School Uniform

The school encourages all pupils to identify with the school dress code as this engenders a sense of belonging. We ask for parent co-operation in ensuring that pupils are suitably dressed, so that high standards regarding school uniform continue.

School Uniform consists of:

  • black/grey trousers, skirts or pinafore dress
  • white shirts or blouses, or Polo shirts in red or white
  • red/black sweat shirts, cardigans or jumpers
  • in summer children may wear a red and white dress or black/grey tailored shorts (red or white school polo shirts are also now available)
  • sensible shoes, preferably black, trainers are not permitted this includes Vans, Converse etc.

All clothing needs to be marked with your child's name. 

Lost and unmarked items are placed in the lost property red bin located outside the school office.

Children are not allowed to wear jeans to school.


For Physical Education your child will need:

  • shorts and T-shirts
  • track suit/sweatshirt and jogging bottoms for winter games' sessions
  • trainers for outdoor games' sessions
  • swimming costume and towel (summer months only)

Your child will also need:

  • an art overall for painting. We suggest an old shirt cut to fit.
  • P.E. bag (a drawstring bag is most easily accommodated at school).

A full range of our school uniform are held at Skoolkit and Kool Skools

Please click on their link to be taken to their website