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Maths at Home


Maths is essential to everyday life and, as such, it is important for children to see and experience how it can be useful in their own world. Here are some ideas for how you can support your child's learning at home and help them to develop their sense of curiosity and enjoyment of mathematics as well as develop the skills which will help them in their everyday life.

Further ideas and links are below:


Times Tables

It is important that your child becomes confident with their times tables as 'quick recall' is essential for calculating with larger numbers.  A common way of practising these is often to recite them and, whilst this approach certainly plays its part, it is more important that your child should engage in activities which help them to conceptually understand them and make links between them (e.g. knowing that the 4 times table is double the 2 times table).  Even more important, though, is that they should be enjoyable!  

Try some of the following games for stress-free practise:

  • Dice Tag Multiplication: an easy to set up dice and counter game.*
  • Times Tables Snakes and Ladders: based on the classic game, a great way of practising particular times tables and counting.*
  • The Multi-Race Game: a ‘Track’ game which encourages children to practice multiplication problems.*
  • The Factors and Multiplication Game: you can find supporting resources here and, if a slightly easier version is needed, a smaller number board (150) can be found here.  This makes the mental calculations much easier, without watering down the mathematics. Discussing better moves that could have been made and sharing mental strategies can improve the quality of the activity.
  • Multiplication Starships: a multiplication game based on the popular game, 'Battleships'.* Be aware that in step 2 of the instructions, it states 'the product of and two multiples'. This should actually read 'the product of and two factors'.
  • Superhero Top Trumps: a great competitive opportunity to know your multiplication tables.* 

*from the wonderful  Please visit them for further exciting free and paid ways to help your child improve their number sense.


Oxford Owls have also published guidance for parents, which can be downloaded here and further tips, tricks, games and activities to improve your child's recall can be found  here. They have also produced some activity sheets which you might like to have a go at (see below).  Further materials can be downloaded from their website and sign-up is free!


Years 3 and 4

Three Day Sports Challenge 2    Place Value Pandemonium 2    One Minute Brain Teasers 2    My Weekly Training Plan 2

                 Graphs and scales                   Place value                    Mixed calculations            Time and time tables

Mega Star Reward Chart 2    Fraction Match 2    Cupcake Fractions 2    Crazy Song 2

                 Graphs and scales             Equivalent fractions            Fractions of amounts                Mixed facts

3 D Shapes Paris Snap 2    2 D Shapes Pairs Snap 2

                                                          Naming 3D shapes               Naming 2D shapes

Years 5 and 6

Salt Dough Craft 2    Place Value Pandemonium 2    Paper Aeroplane Pilots 2    One Minute Brain Teasers 2

                     Ratios                             Place value                  Measuring, converting            Mixed calculations

                                                                                                          & averages

My Money Sheet 2    Fraction, Decimal And Percentage Treasure Hunt 2    Daring Island Treasure Hunt 2    Daring Decimal Skittles 2

              Adding & subtracting            Matching fractions,                 Co-ordinates                      Adding decimals

                       decimals                 decimals & percentages

Celebration Bunting 2    Battle Of The Robots 2

                                                         Angles and triangles             Averages, decimals

                                                                                                            & data