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Bartley C of E Junior School

Summer Challenges

Below, you will find the Summer Challenge Booklets for each year group which you can also find on each year group's Google Classroom page.  Completion is not compulsory but is recommended.  We would definitely love to see any work you have completed over the summer break when you return in September!

Also attached are some further activities which you might like to complete ready to hit the Autumn term at the peak of your powers, including this year's Summer Reading Challenge as well as some Problem Solving Challenges from NRich.  You might also like to keep some of your key maths skills sharp or practise thse you are less confident with by using some of the free booklets linked further down the page.

Have a great summer break.  

From all the staff at Bartley CE Junior School

Summer Challenge Booklets

Year 2 to Year 3

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Year 3 to Year 4

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Year 4 to Year 5

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Year 5 to Year 6

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Summer Reading challenge

Watch the promotional video for the launch of this year's Summer Reading challenge here:

The Reading agency has now launched their official website for The Silly Squad.

This website has got access to lots of Silly Squad themed materials which we would recommend having a look at for some great activities.

As of the 1st July, Hampshire Libraries will be launching their official challenge. The website is now live and available here. It is possible to register for the challenge and access resources from the website in advance of the official launch.


Problem Solving Challenges

Each weekday from 20 July to 28 August, the NRich site will be publishing a new poster problem for primary children (click the link below).

nrich maths Lesson Plans & Resources | Share My Lesson

Each poster problem has a published solution which you can look at and, if you particularly enjoy one of the challenges and would like to explore further, you can follow the link to the original problem on which the poster is based!

White Rose Maths Practice Books

White Rose Maths have produced a range of work booklets for parents and children to use over the summer (or during next year). Using these can be a great way to keep key skills bubbling in order to better prepare for the next academic year!  In some cases, you might find it useful to revisit concepts from a previous year group should there be any difficulties with the work from the current year group (especially given that full coverage of the year's content was not possible due to the COVID-19 lockdown).

These booklets can be found for free on Amazon for the Kindle or can be downloaded below.

Year 2 to Year 3

*Year 1 booklets are also included at the bottom of this page to support those children who would benefit from revisiting these concepts. 

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 Year 3 to Year 4

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Year 4 to Year 5

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 Year 5 to Year 6

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Year 1 Booklets

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