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Bartley C of E Junior School

School Council

We have a school council made up from pupils from each class.



"The School's Council developed the School Charter to make everyone's life at Bartley enjoyable"

   The School Charter

  • Walk quietly, not run, around school
  • Be polite, kind and friendly, remember to say please and thank you
  • Fighting or play fighting is not allowed
  • If someone hurts you, or calls you names, tell a member of staff, instead of doing the same back
  • Clear up after yourself in the dining hall, classroom and playground
  • Stay seated, to eat and drink in the dining hall or to work in the classroom
  • Use equipment safely and treat it with care
  • Tell an adult if you have a problem you can't sort out yourself
  • Stay out of the school buildings at playtimes
  • Keep to the areas you are allowed to go in.