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Year 3 Work


On this page, we will be sharing and celebrating all the hard work that the children are putting into their learning.  Please share this with your child and talk about what they like about each other's work and what they themselves enjoyed working on in school that week.



Year 3 Great Buildings Hook Day - Autumn 2020

Year 3 launched our learning topic of Great Building by having an exciting 'hook day' where we learnt about and tried constructing some of our own great buildings.   There were 3 main activities:  Building Skyscrapers, -trying to build the tallest free standing structures out of newspaper and masking tape,  drawing great buildings from around the UK and building bridges out of paper straws to support a cup of marbles.  During the building activities, we had great fun and learned all about teamwork and how structures can be made strong using tubes and triangles.  In our sketching activities we learnt techniques of accurate observation to make a line drawing.

Roman Day 2020

What a fantastic day we've had in Year 3!  The children dressed up in some wonderful Roman style clothes and took part in a variety of different Roman themed activities.   

They learned about Mosaics and got the chance to make one of their own. They also learned how to use Roman numerals and were given the option of a Roman themed lunch.  Our local archaeologist Gemma Ingason came in to talk to the classes and teach them all about archaeology with a focus on Roman artefacts.  The children got the chance to handle some actual Roman Artefacts and guess what they were before learning more about their actual purpose.  The children went out in to the quad to uncover more artefacts buried in sand and tried to date them based on guides provided. Two lucky children from each class were even chosen to be dressed in the proper Roman citizen's style for Roman ladies and gentlemen as they and the classes learnt many fascinating facts about everyday life of Romans.  They even learned how they might have been buried when they died, and what might be buried with them to be discovered by archaeologists hundreds of years later! 



We recently invited a fantastic local artist - Alan Langford to help kick off our Legends Literacy and Art topics with a bang -  or is that a roar?!  He showed the children how he paints one of the classic themes of legends - knights and dragons!  The children were spellbound as he brought the fantastic image to life.  As the painting took shape, it really came to life.  Alan discussed his techniques.  Meanwhile, the children were encouraged to note down some powerful descriptive noun phrases to describe the dragon.  These would later serve as ideas for writing their own Legends!   Immediately following Alan's inspirational demonstration, the children enjoyed having a go at drawing and painting their own dragons. 



Design & technology

This Christmas we have been learning how to thread a needle and how to use a running stitch, later making stitched Christmas card designs! 


Design & technology

This Christmas we have been learning how to thread a needle and how to use a running stitch, later making stitched Christmas card designs! 


Last Year we looked at using computer programming to control the way lights work, and wood, card and other materials to create farmyard buildings (see photos below)

This Autumn Term (2019) we have created funky sandals using coloured card and other materials such as newspaper.  We used coloured pencils , masking tape and scissors to design, make and decorate them, learning cutting and joining skills as well as trial and error.  This was a really fun hands on activity, with an emphasis on iterative design (if at fist you don't succeed or you want to incorporate design features from around the classroom - try again!!)

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Year 3 have used a basic wooden frame base to create farm buildings to link with our Buildings topic.  We developed our measuring, sawing, constructing and team work skills!