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Upcoming Maths Topic

By popular demand we will be publishing the upcoming maths topic being studying in Year 4.


We are currently working on our Multiplication and Division methods.

It would be brilliant if children could learn their Times Tables especially the 6,7,8 and 9 times tables.

A good way to learn them is:

Link to Push the Button


For those children confident with times tables they could also try their division tables too!


We have been working on creating Multiplication and Division fact families, to play a game that will enable you to practice creating them click below:


We have also been using this excellent Multiple game that also help us to use Carroll Diagrams





Don't forget to look on the Bartley Maths Zone to find lots of links to games and ideas for Maths to do at home.


In maths, we have been playing a game called Billy Bugs Quest for Grub. Below is the link.


Link to Fractions game


Also, remember to visit Mathletics as often as you can.