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Be a Writer

 'The pen is mightier than the sword!'  - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most powerful tools you will ever possess. Being a writer allows you to express yourself clearly, entertain others (Roald Dahl was rather good at this) and influence others (ideally, positively).  

Language is complex, beautiful and amazing; and we just adore learning about it, using it and playing with it! To these ends, this page aims  to be a growing resource to keep this passion burning as well as be a place to more widely celebrate Year 5's growth as the communicators and entertainers of the future.


This year, we will be incorporating many of the Year 4 writing objectives into our Year 5 learning to ensure that vital skills that may have been missed owing to lock-down, are covered. Children will continue to build on the skills they have learnt previously and develop new ways of communicating their ideas.


Owing to the school learning missed during lock-down, we are beginning the year by revisiting spellings from Year 4, Summer 2.

Additionally, the children will focus on consolidating their knowledge and spelling of Year 3 & 4 statutory words during this academic year. They will progress onto Year 5 & 6 words when they are ready.

Spring Term Spellings

Throughout the Spring term, the children will learn a variety of different strategies for learning and practising spellings - all of which can be found on the SPaG section of this website. 

Below are the words we we will be teaching them as well as some of the rules they will discover along the way! 

You can also still find the Autumn ones further down as well as some other helpful documents.

Please visit the SPaG section of this website for more information, ideas and even some games to keep your spelling practice fun! 

Autumn Term Spellings


 Year 3 and 4 Spelling list.docxDownload
 Apostrophes for possesion.jpgDownload
 Tricky GPCs.docxDownload
 -ibly and -ably.docxDownload
 -ie or -ei.docxDownload
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