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Be a Scientist

On this page you will find information about our science topics this year.  This term, we will be learning more about 'Light' and then 'Electricity'.

In each theme, you will also find suggestions for home learning opportunities and we would love to see any outcomes from any exploration completed outside of school! Or, maybe, you might have some interesting facts to share or activities/links to suggest. 


This half term's theme is 'Light.' In Year 6, we will build upon the knowledge of light developed in Year 3. We will build on this understanding by learning about how light travels in straight lines. We will also explore how we see, by understanding light travels from the light source to an object and then reflects to our eyes. Furthermore, we will also consider why shadows have the same shape as the object that made them. We will also explore the concepts of reflection and refraction.

The following links are great places to find out more about light (click on each image):

BBC Bitesize KS2: Light and Dark

We will be thinking about sources of light (natural and man-made), reflection, refraction and shadows.


You could help your child with their learning by:

  1. Talking about where light is coming from, e.g. when you are outside at night, in the house. What is natural and what is man-made light?
  2. Make a periscope. You can find an example here: Bring this into school if you make it – we would love to see it!
  1. This link has games, videos and other useful information:


After half term, in November, we will be learning about electricity. If you or someone in you family is an electrician and would be happy to come into school and talk about their job that would be amazing. Please contact your child's class teacher.

In Year 6, we will consolidate our electrical knowledge from Year 4.  We will learn about voltage and currents and learn to draw electrical circuits using symbols, including those below:

Electrical safety will also be discussed.

The following links are great places to find out more about light (click on each image):

BBC Bitesize KS2: Electricity

More links coming soon.