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What Have We Been Up To?

Even though we can't get together, we'd love to stay in touch!  That's why we have set up this page to share some of the things we have been doing at school and, hopefully, some of the things you have been doing at home.

Guardians of the planet

Year 5 have been learning about what we can do to be better protectors of our home, the Earth.  We have drawn inspiration from the book, ‘Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco Hero’ by Clive Gifford and Jonathan Woodward throughout the week (beginning 11th May). 

Our final piece involved writing a short piece for this newsletter offering some ideas for reducing waste at home, some of which we’d like to share here:

Alfie (5R) put together this very professional looking piece:

Annabelle Wright (5CB) gives us the following advice:

Unfortunately, it is certain that there is always going to be some waste in the world but there doesn’t have to be nearly as much as there is. For example, when we are about to put something in the bin [wasting it] there is always something we can do: we can REUSE, RECYCLE and REDUCE. When you have an old t-shirt, a pair of trousers or anything like that remember it can be used for something else rather than being wasted. It could be used as patches for other clothes that may have ripped or if there is nothing you want to do with them then donating is a good idea because somebody else can get use out of them and they are not being thrown away. Another easy way to cut down on our waste is to reduce all the plastic that we use in shops. You can do this by bringing your own recyclable bags and then you are using and wasting less plastic and helping the earth. Also, if you are going through a drive-thru or any place that gives you plastic bottles or plastic straws, you can bring your own metal straw and water bottle; that way you are not using plastic and you are saving the planet.

If everybody does a little bit to reduce their waste, reuse and repurpose their old things and recycle everything they can, then it will make a huge difference as we cannot do it on our own. 


Ollie (5R) created this amazing guide:


Alisha (5R) sent in this colourful poster:

Taya (5CB) shares some things she and her family do at home:

If we have leftovers from dinner my Dad has it for lunch the next day so this cuts down on food waste.  Drink tap water instead of buying bottled water. If you don’t like tap water drink filtered water.  Have less takeaways/fast foods; this will mean less rubbish. I think fast foods companies should use less packaging and make sure it is all recyclable.  At bath time we use facecloths which are washed and reuse, when they get very old we use them as rags.

Isabelle Williams (5CB) also has the following advice to share:

To make sure that we don’t produce so much rubbish we can reuse old products and recreate new things that are useful or uplifting because other people might need it in this era of medical history. For instance, we could grow plants in old yogurt pots and paint them so that they look cheery for passers-by, we could buy less plastic wrapped products when we go shopping; if we do end up buying plastic covered products we could use them as storage bucket things or another plant bed. If they fit well, we can reuse siblings or friends' old shoes. Sometimes we can even reuse other people’s old clothing and then the material doesn’t get wasted. We can stop buying plastic shopping bags and buy a couple of sturdy bags so that you don’t have to chuck them away. Also do not litter; it may flow into the sea and injure creatures of innocence. 

Book Reading Podcasts

Mr Floyd has started a new podcast series starting with the first chapter of 'The Firework Makers Daughter'. This exciting story, written by author Phillip Pullman, is about a young girl named Lila who sets out on an adventure to prove her worth as a firework maker.

Subscribe to our channel or click here to see later entries in this exciting series as well as a growing list of others by other members of staff.

A big hello from all of us at Bartley to everyone at home!
A big hello from all of us at Bartley to everyone at home!

An Easter egg hunt in the Environmental area!

Doing a grand job weeding in the Environmental Area to make way for our leeks an herbs!

Eloise (5CB) offers the following thoughtful discussion:

I think that climate change is very important because it is affecting the whole world and everything in it.

We all need to pull together to stop climate change because it is destroying the Earth . Firstly we need to remember the three Rs . Reduce - Reuse - Recycle .

We need to reduce the waste that we produce, for example using less paper  , only buy the things you need and think about the fact, are going to use them by the use by  date? Do I need it? Another thing that we should reuse is plastic bags. Shopkeepers should try and promote this by making plastic bags really expensive and reusable bags cheaper . They should also promote people bringing in their own bags from home; they should do this by putting a limit on bags that they are allowed to give out. They should also promote bringing in our own jars to some shops as not all of them have a help yourself bit  but for the ones that do they often need to be put into a plastic tub but not all shops have one . We also need to reduce packaging. We need to reduce  bubble wrap as it is made of plastic and so maybe instead of bubble wrap we could use shredded cardboard as it would still protect delicate items.  

Secondly, we need to reuse things as well as reduce them. Something that we could reuse is paper if you print something out that only has something on one side then don’t throw it away after you have used it once you should reuse it on the other side as scrap paper. Another thing we can reuse is old clothes that are too short. For example if your jeans are too short, turn them into shorts or cut them up and sew them into a pencil case or something like that. We can also use reusable water bottles instead of plastic single use bottles.

The final R is for recycle nowadays it is incredibly easy to recycle as there are recycling bins and  places that turn things into something new that has a different purpose, but it doesn’t have to be taken away to be recycled you can do it yourself for instance, you could paint a glass or plastic bottle that has been finished and turn it into a pot to put some of your things in or cut of the top and make it into a plant pot . Or you can buy recyclable batteries which allow minimum waste of battery power.   

For these reasons I'm certain that there is no reason  why we can’t save the planet  and so in conclusion we can do it but we can only do it together. 


Finley C (5CB) decided to make a poster:


Emily (5CB) gives the following beautifully presented advice:

Elsa (5R) offers the following advice:

Outdoor Learning


Since time immemorial, goblins have lived alongside mankind. They often lie in the shadows, unwilling to be seen by mortals due to their unpredictable nature. Goblins would often create villages on the edge of civilisation where they could live in relative peace. Over the centuries, they have started to dwindle in number, their habitats destroyed as mankind pushed forwards with technological advancement. Today, we decided to create a small hamlet for any local goblins to reside within whilst we slept at home. 

A goblin mansion for the tribe leader!

The goblin fortress built by Mrs Andrews.