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Bartley C of E Junior School

Year 3

Dear Parent/Carer

With all the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and how this might impact children’s learning, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their education during any potential school closures or absences resulting from self-isolation.  

We recognise how difficult it can be to keep children engaged in their learning whilst at home so we have prepared some activities and games which are well-matched to the Year 3 expectations.  These can be completed independently (in most cases) or with adult support.  

Further suggestions and updates will be shared regularly should the need for an extended period of absence/closure be necessary.  Thank you for your support.

The Year 3 Team


Dear Year 3 students,

Here are some games, activities and ideas to keep those brains and skills sharp whilst you are unable to be at school.  We look forward to hearing how you've been getting on with them:


Bug Club

Additional books have been allocated for all children. Please read and complete the comprehension activities linked to each book.


Tasks have been assigned for all children. Please complete some of the assigned tasks as these are linked to class lessons, as well as using the interactive activities.

Also find lots of maths activities at


Enjoy reading as many books as possible. We would love to see some exciting book reviews that you could share on your return.


Watch this film clip about meerkats. Create a story map and then write a diary as though you are one of the meerkats. Talk about the adventures that you had that day. 


Practise telling the time- perhaps quiz your parents!

Continue to work on your 3x, 4x and 8x table. You could use the website “Hit the Button” as a fun way to do this.

To help learn your timestables, visit 

Also. visit to play some games and improve your times tables knowledge!


Week 5

Week 6






















Spelling activites.

  • Use your spelling strategies to learn your words eg. Pyramid words.
  • Put each word into a sentence.
  • Look, Cover, Write, Check.
  • Write a dictionary definition for each word.

Create your own crossword or word search

Exciting Project on the Victorians!

Please read the following suggestions and tasks that it would be great for you to do in preparation for our Victorian topic later in the year.

  • Either using books or the internet (or family members!), create a fact sheet about Queen Victoria.
  • Read “A Chimney Sweep’s Day” (Into the Dark)” on Bug Club and find any other information you can about chimney sweeps. Then create a diary entry in the role of the chimney sweep. E.g. You have returned home after an awful day at work, describe how you are feeling about your day in your diary.
  • Read “Poor Victorians (The Pickpocket)” on Bug Club and then create your own information page with the facts you’ve learnt about the Victorians. This can include pictures.
  • Create some Art- either a drawing or painting- of any artefacts, Victorian buildings or Queen Victoria herself! It could be a very detailed sketch of Queen Victoria’s crown.
  • Create an Industrial Landscape based on the artist, Lowry. You could use sketching, painting, collage or printing.
  • The Victorian’s invented many things including the Steam Engine and Bicycles. You may wish to create some Art based on these inventions.

Helpful websites


We look forward to seeing your lovely work. Look after yourselves.


The Year 3 Team