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Bartley C of E Junior School

Year 4

Dear Parent/Carer

With all the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and how this might impact children’s learning, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their education during any potential school closures or absences resulting from self-isolation.  

We recognise how difficult it can be to keep children engaged in their learning whilst at home so we have prepared some activities and games which are well-matched to the Year 4 expectations.  These can be completed independently (in most cases) or with adult support.  

Further suggestions and updates will be shared regularly should the need for an extended period of absence/closure be necessary.  Thank you for your support.

The Year 4 Team


Dear Year 4 students,

Here are some games, activities and ideas to keep those brains and skills sharp whilst you are unable to be at school.  We look forward to hearing how you've been getting on with them.

Look after yourselves.

The Year 4 Team


Update - 3rd April 2020

Hi everyone.  We hope you have all been keeping well at home.  We are missing you all very much!  Please don't forget that you can contact anyone of us if you have any queries or you just want to say hello.  We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Below, you will find the overviews of home-learning activity suggestions for each week, organised into one handy A4 pdf file (just click  below). 

Use the hyperlinks in the document to go to the suggested sites.  Underneath each plan, you will also find the resources mentioned in the overview.  If you wish to look back at the suggestions for the week beginning 23rd March, these can be found further down the page.

Have a safe week!

Week 2 - 6th April 2020

Week 3 - 13th April 2020

Week 4 - 20th April 2020


Wk2_Create Your Own Maths Board Game

Wk2_Chocolate Poetry

Wk2_Decorating Easter Eggs

Wk2_Palm Sunday

Wk2_Picture Challenge

Wk2_Pray With The World


See the activities for Week 2

Coming soon...

 Learning Suggestions: 23rd March 2020

Art Gallery Trip

As you know we were due to visit Southampton Art Gallery last week but were unable to go. The Gallery have very kindly sent me these links to Virtual Tours of the gallery. Enjoy!


Bug Club

Additional books have been allocated for all children. Please read and complete the comprehension activities linked to each book.


Tasks have been assigned for all children. Please complete some of the assigned tasks as these are linked to class lessons, as well as using the interactive activities.  Parents, you can read some guidance on how to get the best out of it here.


Enjoy reading as many books as possible. We would love to see some exciting book reviews that you could share on your return.


Year 4 have always done well in our Mathletics weekly celebration assemblies so this is a great opportunity to carry that run on!


To help learn your timestables, visit 

Also visit to play some games and improve your times tables knowledge!

Finally, find lots of maths activities at


Create a new adventure story.  Here is a suggestion of what the first line could be...

As he/she knocked on the door to the dilapidated house, the door creaked open.  He/She stepped inside.


Spelling activites.

  • Use your spelling strategies to learn your words eg. Pyramid words.
  • Put each word into a sentence.
  • Look, Cover, Write, Check.
  • Write a dictionary definition for each word.
  • Create your own crossword or word search.


Week 5 spelling words.












Week 6 spelling words.













In Geography, we are currently studying the major rivers of Europe.  Create an information leaflet about a major European river, discussing both the human and physical features of the area surrounding it. 

Below are a few links to get you started.


Continue with your coding and programming activites.  Your child already has their own login.



Following on from our topic of sound, can the children create a musical instrument, using bits and bobs around the house.

Draw a musical instrument and show how it makes sound.



We have created collages in art this term.  Use the skills you used in your lesson, to create another collage based around boats and rivers.



Hampshire Music have sent us the following home learning activity.

Keep Calm and Make Music KS2 Music of the Planets