Pupil Premium


What is The Pupil Premium?


The Pupil Premium is money from the government, designed to help students who are currently registered for Free School Meals, or who have been registered for Free School Meals within the last 6 years, to do well at school. The children of Armed Forces families, and young people who are In Care are also eligible for Pupil Premium funding.



What are our key priorities when considering how to spend the money?


·         Our core aim is to raise the attainment and progress of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding so that their performance compares favorably with their non-Pupil Premium peers.

·         Address inequalities in education of pupils from low-income families and raise attainment of these pupils.


What do we expect to see as a result of the spending?


Outstanding teaching and learning is paramount to the progress of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.  This remains a consistent and relentless focus. In addition to this, targeted intervention and support strategies are deployed in order to:

·         improve levels of attainment and progress;

·         close attainment gaps relative to school averages;

·         enhance reading, writing, mathematics and communication skills;

·         engage and develop learning through extra-curricular provision;

·         have a clear focus on all disadvantaged pupils, including those with SEND and more able pupils and

·         support pupils in becoming aspirational, confident and successful learners


How will parents know that the money has been well spent?


We track students’ overall progress against their targets each half-term, so we can quickly see the impact our provision is making. Progress is reported to parents three times a year, via written interim reports, as well as at the Parents Meetings between teacher and parent. If your child takes part in an Intervention Programme or has an IEP, we also measure how s/he is progressing at the start of the programme and again, at the end, so that we can determine improvement and see the difference.


Where can I get more information?


For more information about how we plan provision and track progress, please contact the Headteacher, Miss Griffiths.


If you are not sure whether your child is or has been eligible for Free School Meals or would like more information about how you should go about claiming an entitlement, please contact Mrs Richardson (Admin Officer), in confidence. You can also check your eligibility online here:




We are always keen to talk to parents of children who are entitled to the Pupil Premium, to ask for their ideas on what they feel is the most effective provision. Your son or daughter may be doing extremely well at school but there may be things that we can do to stretch them more, to build their confidence, to develop particular skills or to help them raise their aspirations further. If you have particular ideas that you would like to discuss or share with us, please contact Miss Stonehouse.


More information about the pupil premium can be found here:




All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received, how this is being used and once available the impact of that funding.


2016-2017 Pupil Premium strategic plan