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Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Bartley

Collective Worship at Bartley is regularly led by local clergy and focuses on a different theme each week. 

Collective Worship plays a fundamental role at Bartley and is an opportunity to promote Christian Values and to give children the opportunity to engage in prayer and self-reflection. 

Special Collective Worships

Two different classes always lead special Worships (Easter, Christmas and Harvest) and parents are invited in. These are always well attended by parents and the feedback is very positive. For the children, the opportunity to perform the story gives them a much deeper understanding of the messages that it is trying to convey.

In addition to this, each class is expected to lead one whole school Collective Worship based on one of the themes; this often takes the form of a play or story being acted out or little sketches that the children have put together themselves. Again, this is a great opportunity for the children to enhance their own understanding and give the children watching some examples of how the aspects of the theme can impact on their own lives.



Open the Book

Rev. Reeve and his Open the Book team come to see Year 3 and 4 regularly to act out bible stories. This enables the children to engage more deeply with the bible stories through seeing them told through drama.

Collective Worship Timetable

Monday Worship - sets the theme for the week and should always include a bible story or reference.

Tuesday Singing Worship - the theme is celebrated and explored through song where possible.

Wednesday and Thursday - the theme is then followed up
during Class and year group worship where the children hear other examples that support the theme. The children have the opportunity to dig a little deeper into what they could learn from the theme and how it may impact on their daily lives.

Friday Celebration Worship - the ideas recorded in the Year Group Values Books are fed back to whole school. This is also an opportunity to celebrate successes from the week.




St Mary's Church, Copythorne

The children also take part in a half termly ‘pilgrimage’ to have their year group Collective Worship at our linked church. Children appreciate British history, culture and beliefs as well as developing respectful behaviours for traditional church services and other special places.





Worship Windows

Each classroom has its own Worship Window. This is a focal point for any thinking or reflecting that the children would like to do. It has our School Prayer, the Lord's Prayer, a candle, our Terms of Union, The Bible and a basket to put any prayers or thoughts into.



Enjoy some feedback from our visitors to Christmas and Easter Collective Worship: