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What is the Pupil Premium Grant?

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is funding from the government, to be used to support the progress and attainment of disadvantaged children of all abilities and to support the children of parents in the regular armed forces.

It is up to individual schools to decide how to spend the PPG, as they are best placed to know and understand what additional provision is needed for the pupils under their care. However, schools are accountable for how they use the additional funding to support their identified pupils.

What are our key priorities when considering how to spend the PPG?

We believe that all children, regardless of background are entitled to the very best education. We know that children have only one opportunity to education and our aim is to ensure that we provide the very best teaching and learning experiences to give each child the best chance to achieve potential. We therefore strive to:

  • Raise the attainment and progress of pupils eligible for the PPG, to enable them to perform in line with their non - disadvantaged peers.


What we will offer

There is no single strategy that provides a complete solution to diminishing the difference between disadvantaged and non- disadvantaged pupils. Our main aim is for pupils to receive high quality classroom teaching as well as classroom support. In addition to this we may offer:

  • Additional support for children during periods of self-isolation or lockdown to ensure that they are still able to access the curriculum
  • Early interventions including pre and post tutoring; catch up provision and high quality inclusive 1:1 support
  • Enhanced parental support including structured conversations to share targets and address strategies to support learning
  • Use of additional specific, targeted resources to enhance learning
  • ELSA support to address emotional and social issues both at school and at home
  • Subsidised extra-curricular activities to support, stimulate and motivate learning


What we expect to see for our disadvantaged children as a result of the spending

  • Improved levels of attainment and progress
  • Attainment gap diminishing between non disadvantaged peers
  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • Access to wider opportunities
  • Barriers to learning diminishing


How will parents know that the money has been well spent?

We track pupils overall progress against targets each half term, so we can quickly see the impact of the provision. Progress is reported to parents three times per year, via written interim reports, as well as at the parent-teacher meetings. If your child takes part in an intervention or has is recognised as having a Rapid Action Plan (RAP), for children with SEND, we also measure progress at the start of the programme and then again at the end.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about how we plan provision and track progress, please speak to your child’s teacher or discuss with Miss Stonehouse - Head teacher, Mrs Doyle - for SEND, Mr Floyd - Pupil Premium Leader and the Pupil Premium Governor.

If you are unsure whether your child qualifies for free school meals or you would like more information about claiming an entitlement, please contact Mrs Richardson (Admin Officer,) in confidence. You can also check your eligibility online here;

More information about the Government PPG


To see exactly how we are spending the PPG please see the following links below:


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