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Accessibility Policy


Admission Policy 2025-2026


Admission Policy 2024-2025


Admission Policy 2023-2024


Anti Bullying Policy


Attendance Policy


Charging Policy


Child Protection Policy


Children with health needs who cannot attend school policy, procedure and guidance


Complaint Policy and Procedure


Data Protection


Drugs Policy


Early Careers Teacher Induction Policy 


Educational School Visits Policy


Equality Information and Objectives PSED 


First Aid Policy




Health & Safety Policy


Home School Agreement


ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy


Missing Child Policy


Mobile Phone Policy


Positive Behaviour Policy


RE Policy


Relationships and Sex Education Policy


Remote Learning Policy


Safeguarding Policy


Social Media Policy


SEND Policy


Smoke Free Policy


Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs



Suspension and Permanent Exclusions Policy


 Paper copies of policies and procedures can be requested from the school office. 

Details of staff time off for union duties – nothing evidenced. We have 0 hours for staff undertaking union duties for 2022/2023.

Number of individuals (if any) earning over £100k – nothing evidenced. We have no staff who are earning in excess of £100,000.