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The following website links are a small sample of what is available online. If you have found an excellent website link that other parents could benefit from knowing about, please email our SENDCo and they will look at it and add it to the list below.



This has a range of games for children 4-11. For children finding aspects such as phonics difficult it is worth looking at the KS1 materials.

Hints for parents for reading

10 parent tips for hearing your child read    or

There are games for phases 3 and 4 such as blending bingo and sentence substitution.

Games with a writing focus, such as grammar, word types and word selector, and specific activities such as an activity targeted to Year 4 to help with medium frequency words, with three lists, one for each term.

This site offers parents tips on how to get their children’s creative thoughts flowing.

If you would like to view the document upon which our phonics interventions are based, please see the above link. Phase 3 and above are the commonly referenced guidance.



Please see the links in Bartley C.E. Junior’s website for mathematical help such as ‘Hit the Button’ which is excellent for practising skills such as number bonds and multiplication facts. 

This has a range of games for children 4-11. For children finding aspects of number difficult it is worth looking at the KS1 materials.

Has a range of games focusing on different aspects of maths.

A range of games for foundational maths skills

If your child needs further practise at skills ideally learnt at KS1, this is a useful website.



This is useful for general provision in year 6.


Dyslexia     A national dyslexia charity with 40 years’ experience in  providing support to people with literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.    A UK national organization, offering a wide range of information for parents.

Autism Spectrum Disorder/condition (Aspergers)    A main supportive charity with a wealth of suggestions and subsequent links   A government booklet

This National Autism Resource and Information Centre aims to be a dynamic and interactive, highly visible and effective central point of quality resources and information for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, their families, and other targeted key stakeholders.     This site allows people, including children, with autism to complete online activities geared toward helping them develop vital skills Parents of both newly diagnosed children with autism and those who were diagnosed years ago can benefit from this site, sharing ideas for therapies, coping mechanisms and medical benefits through e-courses and newsletters.     AiA specializes in offering how-to teaching programs that can help your child with virtually any task, from basic self-care to better communication.

Social, emotional and mental health

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Driven by their experiences, they campaign, research and influence policy and practice.


A range of memory games 

Some memory games

Some hints and tips on how to develop your children’s memory at home.


Keyboard typing skills    

This is a free program that teaches good keyboard skills.