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1-Minute Maths App

The wonderful White Rose Maths have just released a new app, which we think is great: 1-Minute Maths!
Although, primarily aimed at Key Stage 1 children, it does offer a fantastic opportunity for children to rehearse, practise and improve their recall of key number facts.
Where children struggle with maths, they are often missing some of the key building blocks for making sense of number, which this app aims to address.  Maybe your child struggles with recognising amounts?  Number bonds to 10 or 20?  Pairs of tens to 100?  Or, maybe, basic addition and subtraction calculations?  Perhaps, they aren't yet secure with their 2, 5 or 10 times tables?  Then, you may find this app is able to help come to their (and your) rescue!
It is easy to set up and each activity takes very little time to play.  Your child can also challenge themselves to beat their personal best each time (which, for additional motivation, could be met with an appropriate reward of your choice ).  They may also revisit each activity at intervals across the day, when you have a spare moment e.g. in the dentist's waiting room, in the car, before a favourite TV show or in an ad break etc!
Where appropriate, we will also be using this app daily - in school - to support those children who we recognise would benefit most.  For those children, your child's class teacher will be able to recommend particular areas to focus on. 
You can find out more about it here, where you will also find download links for your Apple, Android or Amazon device: