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Welcome to Year 5's home page

Our Curriculum

Mr Floyd, Mr Rich and Miss Enright would like to offer a warm welcome to our Year 5 page. 

Here you will be able to see what we have been up to in school so far this year, view some of our learning, be informed of upcoming events and find details of home learning activities.


We also suggest you visit our Maths Zone where you will find links to some fun on-line games, some activities you can do at home along with some links to help you understand key mathematical vocabulary

We hope you find this page useful.

The Year 5 Team

Year 5's visit to Lyndhurst Baptist Church's Nativity Walk-through

Maths Week England Surprise! Surprise

This is what a few children said about our Zoom lesson with mathematician Douglas Buchanan: I liked the North, South, East, West game because we go to move around. The strip of paper activity was cool when the paper clips were joined together after we pulled the two ends of the paper apart. He circled the same numbers as me on the grid - it was cool when I got it right.

Art: Photographs in the style of Anselm Adams

Having studied photos of Yosemite Park, taken by the photographic artist, Anselm Adams, Year 5 children took their own black and white photos of the school grounds. They aimed to reflect the physical and spiritual nature of our environment.

Our trip to Winchester Science Centre

"I loved the planetarium; they didn't say, "Look here." They let us choose where to look and gave us lots of information on the planets."     "The Science Centre was amazing. I enjoyed the planetarium (where we looked at different planets). It was so cool to see them so close."            "I liked our worship the most. We put on glasses that made us see rainbows from lights. The laser stuff and the heat lamp experiment were good too."

Using a dice game to develop skills of multiplying 4-digit by 1-digit numbers.

Science: Night and Day

As part of our 'Space' topic, we have been learning about why we have day and night and how time is measured.

We discovered that the sun appears to move across the sky owing to the Earth's rotation. By making our own sundials, we explored how time was measured before clocks and watches were invented.

'Making Memories' Day

On Tuesday 8th June, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a special making memories day. We began with a fantastic birds of prey display hosted by 'Liberty's owl, raptor and reptile centre. John introduced to four different species and demonstrated their magnificent flying skills. We even got to see how he retrieves birds that fly off into the trees after one of them disappeared for a while! By the end of the show, we knew lots of new facts about birds of prey and their hunting skills.

Later in the day, children took part in a fun treasure hunt that had them searching for clues throughout our wonderful outdoor environment. After lunch, we enjoyed cooking spiced apples on a camp-fire, played a game of rounders and had a fabulous time building dens in the wooded area. 

All-in-all it was a wonderful day which was enjoyed by adults and children alike.

History: Tudor houses

Having learnt about the key features of Tudor houses, children in Year 5 designed and made their own model using measuring skills and knowledge of 3D shapes and nets learnt in maths.

Flapping birds DT project:

Children in Year 5 learnt how to use counterweight and counterbalance to create a mobile of a flying creature that would flap its wings when the body was pushed upwards or downwards.

Here are some of our mobiles -

Stop-motion animation

During computing lessons, Year 5 have learnt how to use an animation programme to make stop-motions films. Having planned their story-lines, children explored how to move the models very slightly each time a frame was captured, while using green screens to insert backgrounds. Finally, music and sound effects were added. We were amazed at the variety of ideas we came up with and the films were all very entertaining!

Please find below, our long-term planning for the year.

This represents our current intentions for learning in Year 5, although it may be subject to change.


On the linked pages (click on the images below), you will find a growing list of links, images and reports linked to these themes as well as others, along with some home learning suggestions:


                             Be a Historian: 'Beliefs'                  Be a Geographer: 'Land of the Free'



                  Be a Designer: 'Balloon Blaster'                         Be a Scientist



Be a Reader                                     Be a Writer



Be a Mathematician