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Bartley C of E Junior School

REMEMBER: Flick, Click, Power Off, Energy now stopped!

Bartley C of E Junior School Eco Groups


At Bartley we have two Eco Groups:

Year 5: Eco Energy Group

Year 4: Eco Warriors


Our Eco Code:

This code was drawn up by the members of the Year 5 Eco group and every classroom and office in the school displays the code.


Everyone in school knows about the code and try whenever they can to follow all aspects of our pledge.


Eco Code




We have just been awarded Bronze and Silver Eco Awards. Congratulations to the Eco group for all your hard work. We are really proud of your achievements.

The whole school have really been behind the project and will continue to support you ideas and plans for the future.


Our Logo


Designed by Thomas - Year 4

Our Moto

Power Off
Energy Now Stopped!

(written by Abby - Year 5)