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Leon and the Place Between

We have been delving into this beautiful book, exploring the wonderful figurative language used by the author in order to inform our own writing.  We built upon our learning in 'The Tin Forest' to deepen our understanding and use of expanded noun phrases, whilst also learning about figurative devices that an author might use, including:

We also had a go at using some concrete and abstract nouns together.  Some of the examples the children came up with can be seen here:

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 You can watch a free on-line concert based on the book, here:


Autumn 1

Girl and Robot

In our second unit, we linked our theme to our work on 'The Iron Giant' in Book Study.  We watched a film about a girl who was building a robot, which you can see here:

 We followed this up by designing and labelling our own robots, creating an instructional text on how to make each.  We  explored how technical language can be used and learnt how to accurately use the following ingredients in order to explain how the model should be built:


The Tin Forest

Our first unit this year was on the wonderful 'The Tin Forest': 

During this unit, we have place specific focus on:

You can find further basic definitions of important primary level grammar terms, here: